Research conducted on Kratom

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When you visit Kratom Emporium you will see several kinds of Kratom available. Well, all these come from MitragynaSpeciosa which is a tree which grows to around 25-30 feet in height and half that in width. This is a tree which is found in Southeast Asia especially in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. This comes from the Rubiaceaefamily which is the same family of the coffee tree.

In 1986 a study was carried out in Thailand on the fresh leaves and this study established that there were alkaloids which were present in these leaves. The result of this study was that it found that the leaves produced analgesic properties and it could possibly be considered as a new kind of analgesia.


In 1988 another study was carried out and this worked upon the main alkaloids which were present in this. It was then concluded that there were antitussive as well as hypothermic and analgesic properties and that this can be used as a natural substitute for the treatment of methadone opiate addiction.

In 2004 a study carried out on the acute effects as well as the long term effects saw that when this done on rats, there was a decrease dependence on water as well as on food intake. This led to weight loss and so it could potentially be explored as a method of fighting obesity.

In 2006 the study was conducted to find out how significant it would be as an oral painkiller. The result was that it was viable.