Know your stalkers in Instagram

Instagram is an application that allows you to share your photos and videos which can be viewed by the people who follows you. It is very user-friendly and photos and videos can be easily uploaded here. One’s Instagram profile can be both private and public. If someone wants to view your private profile, they can send you a follow request. Instagram is like a book of photos and videos of aprecious moment of your life. The Instagram profile consists of a bio of the user, their photos, and videos and you also view their stories and also text them. Here your profile is viewed by many people all over the world. People usehashtags to increase their viewers. It can also be used as a way for online marketing.

Downside of Instagram

Can you see who views your Instagram?Instagram has no feature that allows you to see your stalker. Users often wonder “Who Stalks My Instagram” but cannot see them.As your profile is viewed by a lot of users if your profile is public, it sometimes creates a privacy issue.In Instagram, there is a feature where a person cannot save another person’s photo and then again edit and upload it on Instagram but still sometimes it creates a privacy issue. Even if you upload a video you can see the number of views in your video but not the names of the people. Whether your profile is public or private, there are stalkers who are viewing your profile and videos, and you are unable to check their names.  But you can see who views your post, when you share Instagramstories; the names of the people who are watching them are shown.


Who Stalks My Instagram

Solution to your problem

There are numerous third-party apps that help the people who this constant thought in their mind as to “Who viewed my Instagram.” is a problem solver and enable users to see the people who had visited their profile.