How To Avoid Rogue Betting Sites?

Meta description: With the popularity of online betting, there are sites that deceive the gamers out of their money. The bettors should be careful about selecting the sites.

With the popularity of games like Adu Q over the web, many sites claim themselves to be the best betting sites. But, it is the responsibility of the bettors to stay away from false sites. They just deceive the money deposited by bettors and do not pay anything as withdrawals and even do not allow them to play games. How to identify rogue sites? Let us find out.

Reputed licensing authority:

In general, good sites have the licensing from a reputed licensing authority. In case, the site is not properly licensed, it is a huge cautionary sign. The reason is that there are absolutely no reasons why a dependable site cannot get the license.

Adu Q


Before choosing a site to play Domino QQ, it is better to check whether the site has appropriate auditing practice in place. Their accounts should be inspected by a genuine auditing agency. Legitimate sites generally have information in this regard or at least they provide this information to registered members before they deposit their money. If there are no indications about auditing, it is better to keep away.

Negative reports:

You can check the legitimacy of the site with the help of internet search. You can check whether there are scam complaints against the site on the web.

Join forums:

There are forums for online bettors, where many people might have shared their experience with different betting sites. If there are some complaints about the specific site that you plan to select, it can be a warning sign. If possible, you can try talking with the individual, who has posted the complaint about the site to know whether he was actually deceived of his money.

So, follow these tricks to keep yourself safe against fraudulent sites and enjoy safe betting on the web.